PollenDr. Michelle Kokkonen comes to your home to give you the best in chiropractic care. Dr. Michelle’s holistic, well-rounded care will have you feeling better right away. Her consultations are in-depth and you will feel her care and understanding that your body is unique and therefore her care will be unique to you.

Your nervous system, contained in your spine, controls and regulates every cell of your body. When your nervous system doesn’t work right, you don’t work right; you become sick or pains flare up! Simple as that.

Flower3Dr. Michelle believes that your body is a whole entity and all its parts work together to support you. The spine is the central structure and with proper care can support you properly. Yet, pain may appear in other areas of your body from issues with your spine. Sicknesses, aches and pains are signs that your body isn’t working right. Your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves control how your body works. Dr. Michelle works with you, to detemine the best and most productive care; as ultimately you are in charge of your body and its care.

Contact Dr. Michelle for an appointment today. She will come to your home, office, where ever you are, to provide you with caring, chiropractic treatment.